About Us

UsenetStorm.com began as a spark of an idea back in 1999, when, armed with just a single server, we set out to provide an uncensored newsgroup access point in a rapidly expanding digital world. Over the years, we've grown from that modest single server start to ranking among the top 5 Usenet providers worldwide in peering throughput.

Always at the forefront of innovation, UsenetStorm.com broke new ground when we became the first newsgroup provider to launch a NZB web-based download service. This pioneering service enhanced the accessibility of Usenet to web and mobile device users and effectively removed the technical barriers that previously prevented many new users from exploring the endless possibilities offered by Usenet.

For us at UsenetStorm.com, enabling unrestricted access to information, data, and communication avenues is not just a guiding principle, but a vision we continually strive to achieve. At the same time, user privacy lies at the core of what we do, and we are fully committed to maintaining a strict user privacy policy with all our services.

In 2017, our path took an exciting turn when we merged with Alt Binaries, another trailblazer in the industry. This strategic partnership amplified our focus on binary newsgroups, which, as research shows, account for over 96% of Usenet volume.

Throughout our journey, we have sought to be more than just a Usenet provider. We understand that Usenet isn't just about newsgroups and downloads, but about the ability to access, share and discuss ideas in an unrestricted way, and thus foster the growth and progress of digital communities.

From a solitary server in 1999 to the convergence of minds with Alt Binaries in 2017, UsenetStorm.com has weathered the tides of time and continues to transform and evolve, all while maintaining its core mission of providing uncensored Usenet access while safeguarding user privacy.