Privacy Policy

With major corporations commonly breaching your trust or having incidents like Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, personal privacy is a very real concern.  Usenet Storm respects and makes great efforts to protect your privacy.

Website Visitor Information

We keep normal activity logs of non-client website visits.  This includes but is not limited to what page was viewed, the time of the visit, and whether an error was received.  Aside from your IP, there is no personally identifying information received by us.  The following events are exceptions to this:

  • Submission of a Contact Form
  • Password Retrieval Request
  • Account Cancellation Request

In all of the above events, the information you submitted may be kept indefinitely and may be used to contact you.  This is necessary for normal operations and for carrying out your request while preventing abuse of your account.  For example, preventing someone that is not you from canceling your account.

If you wish to have these form submission records deleted, just e-mail tech support and we will be glad to purge them from our records.

Account Usage Information

Usenet Storm offers several accounts of various sizes and with different prices.  Not all accounts include unlimited downloads.  For this reason, a byte total is kept for each account.  This tells how much was downloaded, not what was downloaded.

We keep no logs of what you download with your account and literally have no way of seeing it.  We absolutely do log what is posted to Usenet with your account.  This is the only way to attempt to reduce spamming and widespread abuse of the newsgroups.  When you see someone cross-post 1,000 messages to 100 different newsgroups, this is how we terminate their account.

Civil & Criminal Investigations

A court order is required to conduct search and seizure by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.  We reserve the right to provide any information we do possess upon receipt of a court order.

General Privacy Policy

Usenet Storm does not and will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your information outside of the company.  We may use any contact information that you have given us or a billing processor to contact you.  Almost always, when we contact you it is about your account or in response to a question that you asked.  If you would ever like to request that we never contact you again, just contact tech support and the last time you will be contacted is to confirm that your information has been deleted from our records.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy please contact us and we will be glad to clarify.