Newsbin Search

Searching Usenet is the easiest, fastest, and most rewarding way of getting started.  All you have to do is type, search, and download the files you like.  If you do not already have it, Download Newsbin and then follow these 4 easy steps to get started.  In less that 2 minutes, you will be searching and downloading from Usenet.
Newsbin Search Box

Step 1

In Newsbin, at the top left you will see a search box.  In that box, type a subject you want to find and press Enter.  The results will be shown in the box just below where you typed.

Step 2

To start downloading, just double click on any of the search results.  Notice that the size of each file is shown beside the subject.  If size is important to you, you can also sort the results by size.  The file you select will be put in the lower panel where it will show download progress.

Usenet Search Results
Pending Downloads

Step 3

The files you selected will be shown in the lower panel.  You can pause downloads, change the order for what should be retrieved first, delete files you changed your mind about, or just watch the progress of your downloads.

Step 4

When a download completes it will be moved to the "Files List" tab at the very bottom, and you can click there to see everything that has finished.

The column "Download Path" shows where the files are on your computer.

Completed Downloads